Workshop & Servicing

At the Cyclist we are equipped with a full bike service and maintenance department, manned by experienced mechanics and technicians.
We provide all kinds of repairs, wheel truing and building, brake bleeding and general maintenance.


A proper bike fit is especially important for people who cycle on a regular basis or ride longer distances. Without it, cycling can be uncomfortable, and even downright painful. Although many people don’t realise it, a poor bike fit is often at the root of whatever afflictions that may be keeping them from doing more cycling.

Training Advice

Cycle training advice direct from the experts. Whatever riding you do our experts will help you gain insight and knowledge on what does and doesn’t work for you and your riding. Plus insight in to what training the pros do.


Cycling is the ultimate endurance sport where physical and mental fitness are constantly tested. Using the right supplements in cycling, and indeed in any sport, is vital to ensure that perfomance is supported and recovery aided.

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Rent Mountain Bikes/e-Bikes/Road Bikes

If you would like to rent a Mountain Bike, a Road Bike or an Electric bike we have you covered. We have a complete fleet of aluminium front suspended mountain Bikes from Scott and Corratec. Send us an email with your requirments and we will provide you the bike you require. We provide you with a helmet, spare tube, pump and lock. Bikes can be ordered with both standard flat pedals or SPD.


Racing Team

Cyclist Team

The Cyclist Racing Team was set up in 2011 by Jack Schavione who brought his vast experience in cycling to the Team.