At the age of 13 Ernesto Colnago, in order to work at the Gloria bicycle factory in Milan as a welder, changed the date of birth on the documents.

1954 – The entrepreneurial story of Colnago is born in the small shop in Via Garibaldi 10 in Cambiago. To start the business money was needed, so it was necessary to make do. His father therefore cuts a mulberry owned to make the workbench.

1955 – During a ride he meets Fiorenzo Magni, who complains about a pain in his leg. Ernesto points out that the cranks are mounted badly, and fixing them solves the problem. In the same year he left for his first Giro d’Italia as a mechanical assistant in the team of the champion, who then won the pink jersey.

1956 – At Colnago came the idea of cold bending the fork tubes, to keep them more elastic, managing to achieve the desired results by leverage two pieces of wood fixed on the work table.

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