Cicli Cinzia was founded in 1967 by Giuseppe Bombi and Severino Maccaferri, the bolognese businessmen who bounded their names to the birth of the famous Cinzia folding bike. After a previous experience of a painting Company for motorcycle parts and components, during the summer of 1967 Mr Bombi and Mr. Maccaferri laid the foundation of this new challenge. Their big intuition was the famous bicycle, with 20 inches wheels, a folding bicycles that will be the fortune of the company and made it famous all over Europe. Other than the legendary 20 inches wheels, other models and other sizes will follow. At the beginning of years ‘90 Cicli Cinzia is market leader with a production of more than 300.000 bicycles per year, exported throughout Europe and other continents. Cinzia becomes one of the most popular and appreciated bicycle trademarks, and also one of the main suppliers of important European trademarks of the two wheels field which appoint Cinzia to manufacture bicycle under their own brand. Nowdays Cinzia is still a reference point on the market, and keeps the same quality standard and ideas which have always been the ground rule of its philosophy.

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