Teodoro Carnielli, more and more fanatic of competitions on two wheels, starts to sponsor cycling teams that use Bottecchia bicycles. In 1951 Guido Carnielli had a great idea: a bike to use on the spot, very useful for physical rehabilitation: the CYCLETTE was born, the first camera cycle in the world. In the early sixties, Guido was given another revolutionary intuition. In Italy these were the years of the economic boom, and the number of Italians who could afford to buy a car was increasing; so why not create a folding bicycle with small wheels suitable for transport by car? For the production of that model, the company Carnielli supports a great economic effort. The GRAZIELLA, which takes its name from the Mondadori magazine that first advertised it, was designed in 1963 by Rinaldo Donzelli, the first folding bicycle produced in series became a worldwide success. At the end of the Sixties, the old Teodoro gave the baton to his sons Guido and Mario, who resumed to enhance cycling with the bikes Bottecchia and arrive for them other victories and many laurels.

In the mid-1990s, the Bottecchia brand, separated from the Carnielli brand, was taken over by the current company structure that brought the company from Vittorio Veneto to its current headquarters in Cavarzere, in the province of Venice. Thus began the rebirth of the brand that aims to the world market through the strategic racing department, synonymous with excellence in style and technology.

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